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Breast Flap Reconstruction Gallery

About this patient

This 59-year-old woman from San Diego, CA came to our Scottsdale Breast Reconstruction Center to see Dr. Andres seeking an expert surgeon proficient with the microsurgical DIEP flap breast reconstruction. She had a history of L breast CA followed by radiation therapy and has had an absence of the breast for several years. She complained of decreased femininity and self confidence and wished to restore a breast for esteem and symmetry in clothing, without the need of a heavy and cumbersome prosthetic bra. She underwent the DIEP procedure followed by breast lift of the contralateral side for symmetry. She continued her nipple and areola reconstruction with us to complete her breast reconstruction. She is extremely pleased with her results and had been waiting several years for somebody skilled to perform the DIEP flap, which left all of her muscles intact with minimal functional deficit as she desired to continue with her active lifestyle. Postoperative photographs are shown at 3 years following intial procedure.

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