Scar revision is a procedure that improves the appearance of an unsightly scar and aims to make it less visible or even ameliorate any issue that may be preventing appropriate healing and scar maturation. Depending on the location and severity, your scar may be treated surgically or with minimally invasive procedures. Scar revision may also help restore function or decrease pain in a scarred body part. Social, emotional, and physical issues may all be addressed with a scar revision.

Improve the appearance of scars

A scar is your body’s natural way of healing after surgery, injury, infection, or tissue inflammation. Scars may form on any part of the body. Some are flat or hollow, while others are lumpy and raised. If you are self-conscious about a scar or if it prevents you from using a part of your body appropriately, scar revision may be a suitable treatment. Scar revision attempts to blend a scar with the surrounding tissue and make it less conspicuous. While we are unable to entirely erase a scar, it can be made less noticeable and more aesthetically pleasing. 

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Am I a candidate for scar revision?

Scar revision is a highly personalized procedure that is tailored to your circumstances and goals. If you want a scar revision, your first step will be to have a private consultation with Dr. Andres. He will examine your scar and discuss all of the options with you. He will also help give you realistic expectations for your procedure. While we can treat most scars and make significant improvements, we cannot make scars disappear, and it is essential to know what to expect with this procedure.

You may be a candidate for scar revision if:

  • You are unhappy about the appearance of a scar.
  • You have raised painful or keloid scars.
  • You have a scar that affects the movement or function of a body part. 
  • You are physically healthy and do not have any skin disease, active infection, inflammation, or acne in the affected area.

What are the steps of a scar revision?

The treatment of your scar will depend on several individual factors, including the severity, location, size, and type of scar. Dr. Andres may use a single technique or a combination of procedures to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Treatment options include:

Surface treatments

Surface treatments such as laser therapy, chemical peel solutions, and dermabrasion are excellent options for improving scar appearance. They may help to smooth out irregularities in the skin and make pigmentation evener.  Microneedling or scar manipulation may be used to increase vascularity, soften scars, and assist in proper healing of the area. Surgical tattoos may be offered to improve color or pigmentation.

Injectable treatments

Dermal fillers or fat grafts may be injected to replace lost tissue and improve the contour of the affected area; steroid injections may be used to reduce signs and symptoms such as itching, redness, and burning pain as well as to flatten as well as improve the appearance of certain scars and reduce recurrence.


Sometimes, surgical removal of scar tissue is the most effective treatment. In this procedure, Dr. Andres will excise the scar and corresponding excess scar tissue, repairing the wound with stitches that are precisely placed in order to create a “plastic surgery closure” that has an inconspicuous appearance.

Healthy skin and/or tissue may be required, moved from another area of the body, and attached to the site of the scar. Sometimes, non-surgical options may be required prior to surgical scar revision in order to prepare the area for the final revision of the scar.

Scar Therapies

Maintaining appropriate therapies and adhering to postoperative instructions are crucial for proper healing and scar maturation.  After any surgery or traumatic injury where scarring occurs, various things such as avoidance of direct sunlight and the use of apparel/sunscreen to protect the area in order to minimize pigmentation changes, manual scar massage to physically break up excessive scar formation, the use of silicone sheets and/or steroids to facilitate hydration and improvement in scar appearance, physician-prescribed scar creams to aid in obtaining the best scar possible, avoidance of tension on scars to lessen stretching and widening of scars, and discussion on the other aforementioned surface and injectable scar treatments will all aid to promote good healing and help you get the best scar possible.

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How long does scar revision take?

Scar revision at Andres Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale will be customized to achieve the best results for your unique case. Dr. Andres can often perform surgical scar revision under local anesthesia in the office, but this will depend upon factors such as the scar size, type, and location.

The length of surgery also varies significantly from person to person, as well as scar details. Dr. Andres will give you an estimate as to how long your revision surgery will take. 

How long is the recovery time?

You should expect to experience some swelling and discomfort for the first few days to a week after surgery. You should expect some redness and swelling if you receive a surface treatment such as laser resurfacing or dermabrasion. This should subside on its own within a month or so. Once the healing process has been completed, the final results of scar revision are long-lasting. Depending on the procedure and location, return to vigorous activity may resume within a few weeks from the scar revision.

Exceptional results at Andres Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ

Scar revision is a precision science that requires a skilled and knowledgeable surgeon. Every scar is unique, and your surgeon needs to be able to create a surgical plan that is perfect for your needs and goals. Dr. Lewis Albert Andres is a board-certified plastic surgeon with special training and expertise in reconstructive surgery. A perfectionist in the art of plastic surgery, Dr. Andres is passionate about achieving beautiful, natural-looking results. When you visit Andres Plastic Surgery, you will be greeted by our warm and friendly staff, who will care for you every step.  You will be comforted throughout your treatment at our office and feel satisfied that you are receiving exceptional care and surgical expertise.

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A private, fully-tailored consultation is your next step to uncovering which surgical route is the right one for you. Dr. Lewis Albert Andres will intently listen to your particular goals in regards to your physical enhancement desires. From there, he will fully discuss all of the available options and meticulously examine

your body to determine with you which is the best course of action to attain your aesthetic objectives. Dr. Andres, a board-certified plastic & reconstructive surgeon in Phoenix & Scottsdale, is committed to delivering some of the best patient care and plastic surgery with honesty, compassion, and expert skill.

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