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Throughout history, full lips have been seen as a sign of vitality, confidence, and poise. While some women are blessed with naturally plump lips, others are not so fortunate. Even for those with them, factors such as exposure to the elements, smoking, and aging can deteriorate the smile's appearance over time.

About lip augmentation

Thanks to modern science, women can now have the lips they want throughout their lives. Dr. Andres can perform lip augmentation in Scottsdale with various cutting-edge techniques, including lip injections, lip implants, and lip enhancement with fat transfer to provide the naturally beautiful and elegant look that you desire.

What is lip augmentation?

As the name suggests, lip augmentation is a procedure that adds volume in order to give patients fuller, plumper lips. As we age, collagen and fat are naturally depleted from certain parts of the body (especially in the face). With lip augmentation, we seek to rejuvenate the lips by replacing volume with what was lost.

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What types of lip augmentation are there?

There are various methods to accomplish this, but injectable dermal fillers and fat transfer are the most commonly used. Hyaluronic acid, a natural element found in the human body, has become a popular choice over the years. It adds volume, hydration, and suppleness to the lips.

Natural fat transfer and implants are permanent alternatives to fillers and excellent options depending on your goals.

Fat transfers

Excess fat is harvested from a donor area, such as the belly or flanks, and injected into the lips. However, patients can choose other regions of the body if they prefer. This procedure is often performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia and takes approximately an hour to complete.  Your own fat is a permanent option and gives a softer, more supple look and feel of lip rejuvenation for a more natural and invigorated appearance with the benefits of fat and the fat transfer themselves.

Lip implants

Lip implants are the most long-lasting of all of the options. Patients will consult with their surgeon to determine which size implant is the most appropriate for them. During the procedure, two incisions are made on each side of the mouth, and a ‘tunnel’ is created using a clamp. This tunnel is tailored to match the form of the lips. Then, the implant is precisely inserted, and the incisions are sutured closed. The entire procedure usually takes approximately an hour.

Lip fillers

There are several leading dermal fillers on the market today for lip enhancement. These include:

  • Restylane, Kysse, and Silk: Restylane product results typically last 6-12 months.
  • Juvéderm, Vollure, and Volbella: Volbella lasts 12-18 months, and Vollure lasts up to 18-24 months.

These fillers can be injected into the upper and lower lip region to give more definition to the ‘cupid’s bow..’ Other areas, such as the corner of the mouth, can also be targeted. Vertical lines and wrinkles that tend to show up around the mouth can also be smoothed out using the same filler.

What are the benefits of lip augmentation with filler?

Patients can rest assured that the injector will control the volume of their lips. The amount injected is increased slowly to ensure that the size does not exceed the patient's desires. Other benefits include the following:

  • This process can also be staggered across several appointments to give the patient more time to reflect on their appearance
  • Other benefits include a less-costly non-surgical option, minimal bruising, and a low likelihood of allergic reactions. Because hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body, complications are rare. Being a temporary volume filler, many like to try this option for its results prior to deciding on a permanent option.

What are some of the benefits of fat injections?

The defining benefit of fat injections is that there is an even lower chance of allergic reactions than with fillers. Using fat directly from the patient’s body ensures that the body will not reject it, as it comes straight from the source. In addition, many are enticed by the opportunity to lessen fat in another part of their bodies via liposuction.  Also, a softer look and feel with the same volume being placed are enticing options for its overall long-lasting results.

Benefits of lip implants

With lip implants, the primary benefit is that the results last the longest. While injections can last anywhere from 6 to 18 months, a lip implant is meant as a permanent device.

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Lip Augmentation FAQ

Am I a good candidate for lip injection?

What is the recovery for lip injections?

What are the risks of lip augmentation?

Do I need anesthesia for lip augmentation?

What is the ideal age for lip augmentation?

How long does lip augmentation last?

Am I a good candidate for lip injection?

Good candidates for lip augmentation in Scottsdale and Phoenix are people that have been considering it for a long time. Looking at before and after photos will give prospective clients a good idea of what to expect and help them to determine which method is best suited for them.

What is the recovery for lip injections?

Those receiving dermal fillers will not have any downtime. However, those taking the fat transfer route will need to rest for a few days to weeks. In either case, it is recommended that the patient take frequent walks to help promote blood circulation.

Those receiving lip implants must rest for a couple of weeks and keep mouth movements to a minimum. The final results usually appear approximately a few months following the procedure.

What are the risks of lip augmentation?

Lip augmentation is a safe and effective procedure with minimal risk of severe complications. When using fillers, complications are rare and usually mild, such as tenderness, swelling, bruising, or discoloration of the area. These side effects generally only last a few days to a week before disappearing.

Do I need anesthesia for lip augmentation?

For some lip augmentation procedures, anesthesia is unnecessary, but patients can opt for topical numbing agents for added comfort. Some patients may require additional local anesthetics depending on the type of augmentations being performed.

What is the ideal age for lip augmentation?

Lip augmentation can be performed on people of all ages; however, ideal candidates should have realistic expectations about their results and healthy skin that accommodates the fillers used for the treatment. Although there is no set age to start lip augmentation treatments, it’s recommended that younger individuals wait until their lips are fully developed before considering any type of filler-based treatments.

How long does lip augmentation last?

This depends on the type of augmentation you received. Fillers may last up to 12-24 months, while fat transfer and lip implants are meant to be permanent options.

Why choose Dr. Andres for lip augmentation?

Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and fellowship-trained in aesthetic surgery as well, Dr. Lewis Albert Andres is revered as one of the best surgeons in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. He is continually seeking the newest techniques so that he can offer the best options and deliver optimal results. He prioritizes communication with his clients and guides them throughout achieving their new look.

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A private, fully-tailored consultation is your next step to uncovering which surgical route is the right one for you. Dr. Lewis Albert Andres will intently listen to your particular goals in regards to your physical enhancement desires. From there, he will fully discuss all of the available options and meticulously examine

your body to determine with you which is the best course of action to attain your aesthetic objectives. Dr. Andres, a board-certified plastic & reconstructive surgeon in Phoenix & Scottsdale, is committed to delivering some of the best patient care and plastic surgery with honesty, compassion, and expert skill.

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