Breast augmentation continues to be a popular choice for thousands of women. While undergoing the procedure is the first and main choice, there are some common questions regarding the recovery time, getting mammograms post-implant, and so on. These concerns are answered below:

Improved Self Image

Arguably the main improvement after undergoing breast augmentation is improved self-confidence. A recent study found that 92% of women experience improvement in self-esteem and quality of life following breast implant surgery.

Pain and Swelling

Although each patient has her own recovery pattern, some amount of swelling is common after breast implant surgery. As per the FDA’s advice, those who have had implants placed should take two weeks of leave from work to allow maximum healing to take place.


Women who undergo breast augmentation with implants wish to know if mammograms are safe with implants. Many women are also concerned about an increased risk of cancer with implants.

The risk of cancer in women with implants is not higher than those without. The risk factors of family history, genetic inheritance, or age apply to women with implants.

Women with implants should get the recommended routine mammogram screenings. It is important to ensure the facility where you choose to have a mammogram is experienced in screening women with breast implants.

Because the X-rays of a mammogram cannot penetrate the saline or silicone implants, special techniques are used to screen. Along with standard images, four additional images are taken for women with implants to help the doctor obtain a better view of the breast tissue. For those who choose silicone implants, there is additional recommended monitoring of these devices, which includes MRI or high-resolution ultrasound several years after implantation and then every few years to follow.

Post-Op Time Frame

Immediately After Surgery:

Following breast augmentation, bandages and a support bra are given to minimize discomfort and support healing. Dr. Andres prescribes pain medications for up to one week after the surgery to help minimize pain. Acute pain subsides after one week, but swelling or soreness can last for four to six weeks.

Two to Four Weeks Post-Surgery 

After two to four weeks, the surgeon advises “displacement exercises” in order to minimize capsule formation.  Most women are able to resume many activities after 2-4 weeks from surgery.

Four to Six Weeks After Surgery

Within four to six weeks, most of the healing would have occurred with patients no longer requiring any painkillers. Swelling subsides at this time as well and the results of the surgery are visible to some extent.

Two to Three Months After Surgery

This is when all of the swelling and discomfort disappear, and the patient is able to notice the results of the surgery. At this time normal activities and exercises can be resumed.

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Some swelling, bleeding, and pain are normal during the course of recovery post-surgery. Minor complications include:

  • Infection
  • Capsular contracture of scar tissue formation around the implant
  • Rupture or deflation
  • Fluid collection or blood clot formation around the implant
  • Sagging of breasts
  • Leakage of fluid of the implants
  • Rippling or wrinkling

Dr. Lewis Albert Andres has handled hundreds of breast augmentation surgeries in Phoenix successfully. He works closely with his patients to achieve the best outcomes with a lower risk of complications. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Andres to maximize your breast augmentation outcomes.

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