Most people would never guess that the secret behind their favorite celebrities’ ultra-sexy, sultry eyes is lash extensions. Eyelash extensions can enhance your smile and make the entire face appear more feminine and attractive. Even if you weren’t born with thick, alluring lashes, you can still get that red carpet look. Below we’ll explore the do’s and don’t related to your eyelash extension treatment.


Understand that you need to be committed to maintaining your results.

After your first set of lash extensions, you’ll need to go back to your provider every few weeks to maintain fullness. Just like your hair and nails, eyelashes are shed in a natural cycle and will need to be replaced.

Make sure you have properly researched the treatment and your provider.

Eyelash extensions are so popular that many unqualified people offer them, advertising low prices and deals. It’s important to choose practitioners that have the right credentials and have received specific training in applying lash extensions.

Use a lash serum

A lash serum will help maintain your lashes between sessions and keep them looking healthy and attractive. The thicker and fuller your natural lashes are, the more they can support lash extensions to give you that fabulous, high-fashion look you see in films and fashion magazines.

Use lash-safe products

If you have lash extensions, you’ll need to avoid certain products that contain oils and alcohol. These compounds will erode the adhesive used to affix your lashes, resulting in excessive shedding. Your practitioner will advise you on the best products to use that are lash extension-friendly, and that can help increase the longevity of your cosmetic results.

Wash your lashes

Using a lash cleanser protects your investment and helps avoid premature shedding. Lashes stay bright, healthy, and full despite the everyday debris, dirt, and oil that tends to collect over the course of the day. Your lashes are just like your hair, so they need a little bath to stay vibrant.

Keep your lashes dry

It’s important to pat your lashes dry after washing them, as excess moisture can erode the adhesive and cut short the duration of your results. You can use a microfiber cloth to gently dry your lashes after they’ve been exposed to water.

Brush your lashes

The best time to brush your lashes is in the morning when you wake up, before bed at night, and any time you wash your lashes or get them wet. This will ensure that they remain elegant, silky, and inviting regardless of your activities.


Avoid lash curlers

These devices tend to pull at both your extensions and your natural lashes, compromising your treatment.

Don’t rub, pick at, or tug on your lashes

These behaviors may be instinctual, but they will create bald spots along the lash line if overdone. Instead, use a spoolie to brush your lashes and if you are still bothered, contact your practitioner for advice.

Refrain from getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after your treatment

By keeping your lashes dry, you’ll ensure that the adhesive sets and the extensions stay put until your next refill appointment.

Don’t undergo a facial or work out at the gym the same day as your lash extensions appointment

Just as you should keep your lashes dry for the first 24 hours, avoiding any type of steam or sweat is also mandatory.

What is the takeaway?

Caring for your lash extensions is really very simple and requires only common sense, a bit of patience, and attention to detail. With just a little effort, you can keep your eyes looking gorgeous and flirty day in and day out! Remember that if you ever have any concerns or questions about your lash extensions, you can contact your practitioner right away for answers. In the end, the biggest “do” is just to enjoy a more youthful, chic appearance and an enhanced self-image.

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