Uneven or asymmetrical breasts can be a very unwanted state of affairs, especially if you have just undergone a procedure to finally achieve the beautiful, symmetrical, and evenly round, and uniform breasts you’ve always wanted.

It might be the initial healing process

If you’ve noticed your implants are uneven after your implant procedure, it can be quite concerning. But before you panic, be sure you’ve waited long enough after your surgery for the healing to be fully complete. Some initial swelling in the breasts is expected, and this can often happen differently between the breasts. This may make your breasts appear uneven in the first few days or weeks after your breast implants are placed.

Implants can take three full months to settle down into their final position. Be sure to do your implant exercises, if advised by your doctor, and wait until three months have passed before you decide there is a definite problem.

My breasts are asymmetrical months or years after breast augmentation–what can I do?

If your breast augmentation results in uneven or asymmetrical breasts after three months have passed and the healing is complete, breast revision surgery is the right course of action. Not all surgeons are going to produce the perfect breasts you wanted.

And even if your breast implant surgery was perfectly planned and beautifully executed, changes with your body can occur over time that can cause breast asymmetry. Breast implants are subject to the same factors as natural breasts, meaning gravity and stretching skin can cause changes. Well-placed breast implants may start off in the correct area and be in perfect symmetry, but slowly migrate over time.

Dr. Andres has long experience and expertise to help women reshape their feminine silhouettes. He can perform a breast revision surgery to correct any unwanted situation and ensure your breasts are perfectly even, uniform and symmetrical. A breast revision surgery procedure can also increase or decrease the size of your breasts or upgrade your implants for a more natural or improved look than you had before. Dr. Andres strives for naturally aesthetic results to improve your curving, shapely physique.

Recovery from breast revision surgery

Luckily, recovery from revision breast surgery is usually much faster than breast augmentation surgery. This is because the breast tissues are already formed to hold your current implants and are used to having the implants there. You can usually expect to return to work after one or two weeks. Avoid vigorous or strenuous activities for three weeks. Swelling and bruising will subside after about three weeks.

Breast revision surgery with Dr. Lewis Albert Andres

Dr. Andres is an Ivy League-educated surgeon with a passion for plastic and reconstructive surgery. He is known for his record of outstanding results and satisfied patients, and he specializes in breast surgery. Dr. Andres is extremely talented in repairing even the most complicated breast revisions. Throughout his years of experience, Dr. Andres has been able to develop a degree of knowledge for the female physique that is truly unmatched. Dr. Andres has become the expert who the experts turn to for all things breast-related. You are truly in the best of hands for your breast revision surgery with Dr. Andres.

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