If you’ve decided to enhance your breasts with implants, you might be wondering what you can do to achieve the most natural appearance. You want a bigger, fuller size, but nothing that screams, “I have breast implants!” Here are some important points to keep in mind when selecting your implants and discussing your goals with your plastic surgeon regarding breast augmentation.

Choose a size that fits your frame and proportions

The proportions of your frame are a significant factor when it comes to achieving a natural appearance. For example, if the natural base of the breast is small, and the base of the implants is much larger, then they will look less natural. The implant that will be the right size for you depends on several factors:

  • your height and weight
  • the thickness of your breast tissue
  • the dimensions of your chest and natural breasts

During your consultation, when you’re discussing your ideal implant size, Dr. Andres will examine your body’s lines and measurements and help advise you on a range of sizes that would suit your frame and give you proportionate, full, curving breasts–that look beautifully natural. 

Choose silicone implants

When deciding which type of implant is best for you, you’ll be selecting between silicone and saline. Saline implants are a sterile saltwater liquid. Silicone is a viscous gel that looks and feels much more natural than saline. While there are a variety of silicone implant types, the basic substance remains the same. 

For women who want a natural look, silicone is the implant type of choice. Silicone teardrop implants have a sloping contour that mimics the shape, feel, and appearance of natural breasts. This type of implant is very popular with women who prefer an attractively natural appearance. 

Take the implant placement into account

The actual placement of your implants is another key factor in how natural your results will look. Like implant size, the implant placement depends on your body type, size and proportions. Slimmer patients typically require the implants to be placed under the chest muscle, which ensures the implants are not visible through the skin and achieves a smoother silhouette.

The muscle tissue also holds the implants more firmly in place to achieve an uplifted, youthful look.

Women with more natural fat in the chest area can have their implant placement in the front of their chest, above the muscles. This achieves a more natural breast movement, but if you lose weight the implants may be more visible. 

Dr. Andres can also do a more advanced placement, by slipping the implant under the thin, cloth-like tissue covering the chest muscle. This placement smooths the edges of the implants so that they are less visible, but allows a more natural breast movement. 

Research and choose the best plastic surgeon for you

Research and explore your options until you find a plastic surgeon who is board-certified, highly experienced, and willing to spend time in a considerate, detailed consultation about how to have the most natural breast appearance. You should feel confident that all of your questions will be answered, and that you will be able to fully understand all of the factors involved in your implant choice. 

Dr. Andres is a board-certified, premiere plastic surgeon who specializes in breast procedures and reconstructive surgery. He is honored to be continually chosen as a Phoenix Top Doc, and to have achieved numerous accolades for his surgical successes throughout the course of his many years of extensive experience as a breast specialist.

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