Feeling comfortable with your appearance is essential, but not everyone is blessed with a figure that meets their idea of beauty and aesthetic goals. Breast enhancement procedures, such as augmentation with implants or fat transfer, can give you fuller, perky breasts and a balanced, more feminine silhouette for your frame.

Dr. Andres offers some of the best breast augmentations in Scottsdale to women who want to enhance their natural beauty. But how do you choose which breast augmentation procedure is best for you?

Breast augmentation with implants

An implant is positioned behind the breast through a small incision for traditional breast augmentation surgery. The resulting increase in size is influenced by:

  • The amount of existing natural breast tissue
  • The size and type of implant that you choose
  • Whether augmentation is paired with a breast lift

Some pros of breast implants are:

  • Breast implants produce a reliable, predictable change in size that is custom to you and your goals
  • Silicone implants are safer and more natural-feeling than ever
  • Silicone implants do not require additional surgery on other parts of the body like with fat grafting
  • Breast augmentation with implants costs less than augmentation with fat grafting
  • Implants can be easily removed when necessary

Fat transfer breast augmentation

Recent developments in fat grafting technology let surgeons use your body fat to increase your bust size and lift your breasts. With fat transfer breast augmentation, Dr. Andres harvests fat cells from the donor site, which are then injected into the breasts.

Patients love the look and feel of their natural breasts with the added benefit of enhancing their other curves where fat is removed. In one procedure, breast fat transfer can create a shapelier silhouette with:

  • A flatter tummy
  • A more sculpted waistline
  • Slimmer thighs
  • Fuller breasts

Benefits of fat transfer breast augmentation include:

  • Using your body fat to augment the breast is the safest and most natural filling material
  • There are virtually no scars associated with fat injections
  • No risk of rippling or long-term breast thinning, which is usually associated with large breast implants
  • No necessary maintenance with fat grafting as compared to breast implants

Breast implants vs. fat transfer: which is best for me?

Breast augmentation methods have the same goal: to increase volume and create shapely, perky breasts. However, each technique provides different results. Fat transfer may be best if you want to add a small amount of additional volume to your breasts. If you want to increase your breast size by one or more cups, breast implants will achieve your aesthetic goals. Discussing your desires with a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best way to choose between breast implants and fat transfer breast augmentation.

Dr. Andres can help you choose between breast implants and fat transfer

Dr. Andres, a board-certified plastic surgeon, makes it his goal to create some of the best plastic surgery Phoenix & Scottsdale can offer. Come in for a customized consultation when you’re ready to determine which breast augmentation option is best for you. You’ll discuss your enhancement options and goals with Dr. Andres, who will use this information to make an informed recommendation and give you the breasts of your dreams.

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your body to determine with you which is the best course of action to attain your aesthetic objectives. Dr. Andres, a board-certified plastic & reconstructive surgeon in Phoenix & Scottsdale, is committed to delivering some of the best patient care and plastic surgery with honesty, compassion, and expert skill.

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