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This 37-year-old woman from Phoenix, AZ underwent bilateral mastectomy for DCIS. She had nipple-sparing mastectomies performed followed by immediate direct to implant breast reconstruction with silicone cohesive gel implants by Dr. Andres at the Phoenix and Scottsdale Breast Reconstruction Centers. Performance of the nipple-sparing mastectomy and implant reconstruction is done by very few surgeons, but as demonstrated, could produce excellent size, symmetry, and shape of reconstructed breasts. Her postoperative views at 1 year show aesthetically-pleasing reconstructed breasts. She is very happy with her reconstructed breasts, which was performed as a single-stage procedure. In addition, she had some fat grafting to her bilateral breasts where liposuction of her abdomen and flanks was performed to harvest fat to be injected back into her breasts for additional shaping of the contour of her reconstructed breasts. She was back to regular activities and exercise after just a few weeks with minimal pain.

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